Monday, July 12, 2010

The Fifth Month

She's okay. At least. She's still alive.
The doctors said they can't do anything for her anymore.
The therapy didn't work. And what's worse is a new lump developed.
The doctors also said she's got 6 months left.
My mom is now on pain medication. Taking 2 different types of pills to ease the pain and an antibiotic that she 's going to take for two weeks. She's still taking the pills that will keep her heart safe.

I'm thankful because I get the chance to spend time with her, get to know her, and show her I love her. She taught me a lot of things about life. About boys and how to love. She's fair and she tries to keep herself composed at all times. I love her and I hope somehow she can feel that I care. I hope she feels loved and needed and I want all the happiness in the world for her. My mom and I... we're not good with words. So God, if you're listening now, please take her pain away. That's all I ask of you.